Study Abroad

Q: I am interested in studying abroad in Chinese-speaking areas. When and where shall I go? Do you recommend any particular programs?
A: The college study-abroad office keeps a current list of all the programs we approve. Any Chinese faculty member will be happy to discuss  your options with you. Additionally, our program usually offers a “Study Abroad Information Session” in the middle of the Fall Semester to address questions regarding study abroad in Chinese-speaking areas. Please look for email postings and/or Daily Messages for the date.

Q: I am interested in studying abroad in Chinese-speaking areas. However, my financial situation does not allow me to make the trip in the summer. Can I get funding from the College or the Chinese program to go to these programs?
A: Yes. Our department offers the Linen Travel Grant which typically defrays parts of the expenses for students who study abroad during the summer. More information about applying for the Linen Travel Grant goes out through Daily Messages typically during the Winter Study Period. The college Fellowship office offers the Wilmers Fellowship to fund summer language study in a foreign country. Additionally, there are some other funding opportunities available off campus that you should consider applying for (e.g. Benjamin A. Gilman Scholarship, Critical Language Scholarship, Boren Scholarship, Freeman Asia Scholarship). Please obtain more information about these scholarships on their official websites.

Q: I would like to conduct research or field work in China during the summer. Does the Chinese program offer any funding to support this line of work?
A: Yes, you may apply for the Linen Travel Grant for research projects as well. We welcome research proposals that will lead to a thesis proposal. The college Fellowship Office also has generous funding for various Summer Travel Fellowships to support overseas research. We strongly encourage you to apply for these fellowships as well.

Q: I would like to do an internship in Chinese-Speaking areas, can I apply for the Linen Grants to support my internship?

A: No. The Linen Travel Grant does not support summer internships. Please ask the Career Services if their office offers any financial support for summer internships.

Q: If I have been granted the Linen Travel Fund in the past, can I apply for it again for a new research or language study project?
A: Yes.

Q: I have studied one summer (or one or two semesters) of intensive Chinese in an approved study-abroad program. How many credits can I get for courses I have taken there? Which Chinese course shall I enroll in when I come back?
A: It depends. When you return, the Chinese Program Coordinator will conduct a placement interview with you to see where you fit in our language program, and then recommend to the Chair how many credits to grant you toward your major and/or graduation. We do not grant more than 4 course credits toward the Chinese or Asian Studies major, and the College does not grant more than 8 course credits toward graduation. Note that the College grants course credits only for courses taken during the fall or spring semester, but our department also grants credit toward the major for courses taken during the summer.