Chinese Study Abroad

All students seriously interested in Chinese language and cultural studies should definitely have the experience of studying or working in a Chinese-speaking area for an extended period of time.

Prospective majors or language students who are planning to study abroad must attend the fall semester study-abroad information session organized by the department or discuss their plans with department faculty as far in advance as possible.

Study Abroad in Mainland China

Not all study abroad programs are created equal. While some programs offer more rigorous language training (e.g., Princeton-in-Beijing, Middlebury Schools in China, Inter-University Program for Chinese Study (IUP), others offer a more relaxing pace and balance out language learning with exploratory experiences (e.g., CET). Some programs only offer summer sessions and others provide both summer and semester learning opportunities. Students should be very careful about where and when they apply and discuss with Chinese faculty how these programs would fit into their overall academic plan.

Study Abroad in Taiwan

Taiwan is also an excellent destination for students interested in improving their Chinese language skills while learning about local culture. There are many language programs in Taiwan, of which the most intensive and rigorous ones include the International Chinese Language Program (ICLP) at National Taiwan University and Harvard Taipei Academy (summer only). Middlebury has recently opened a new site in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Students who are looking for a less intense study-abroad experience may also consider CET Taiwan (fall, spring, summer) or various language and culture programs organized by American Councils for International Education in collaboration with local universities in Taiwan.

Funding Sources

Students who are on financial aid can use their aid package for semester study abroad programs. Many study-away programs also offer financial aids. For summer study abroad, students can apply for the external and/or internal funding sources listed below.

Our department administers the Linen Fellowships for Summer Study in Asia which fund selected students’ summer intensive language study or research projects. Students who are interested in applying for Linen Fellowships should enroll in the GLOW course “Asia-Related Funding Opportunities.

External Funding Sources

Williams Funding Sources

  • Wilmers Language Grants (summer funding for language study in a foreign country)
  • Wilmers Travel Fellowships (summer funding for research projects that need foreign travel)
  • Linen Fellowships for Summer Study in Asia (for language study or research projects)