Awards & Grants

The Linen Prize in Chinese

This is awarded to a graduating senior who achieves distinction and shows outstanding promise in Chinese. This prize is open to any senior, whether a major in the Department of Asian Studies or not, who has taken Chinese language at some point during her or his undergraduate career at Williams.

Past Winners are:

Class of 2013: Hannah Hindel
Class of 2012: Nina Piazza
Class of 2011: Jessica P. Harris
Class of 2010: John R. Withers
Class of 2009: Hoai Chung Truong Pham
Class of 2008: Phillip G. Carter
Class of 2007: Theodore F. Haley
Class of 2006: Jessica A. Marinaccio
Class of 2005: Alexis C. Medina
Class of 2004: Wit Suthirachartkul
Class of 2003: R.C. Nicholas Minekime
Class of 2002: MiHye Kim
Class of 2001: Brian R. Connors
Class of 2000: Jonathan M. Isaacs
Class of 1999: Kyung R. Park

Linen Summer Grants for Study in Asia

Students of Chinese are awarded these grants to go to Chinese-speaking areas to conduct research or receive further intensive language training during the summer.

The following students have been awarded these grants to conduct research in Chinese-speaking areas or study in summer intensive Chinese language programs:

2013: Juno Cho, Refiloe Damane, Charlotte Fleming, Jared Hallett, Samuel Hine, Sam Jeong, Cindy Le, Son Le, Alyssa Maddalone, Connor McLane, Anna Moriondo, Maikhanh Nguyen, Mericos Rhodes, Khan ASfandyar Gohar Shairani
2012: Timothy Brock, Bianca Brown, Sabrina Castle, Linda Chu (declined), Refiloe Damane, Alida Davis, Thomas Engleby, Catherine Gerkis, Jared Hallett, Kerry Hensley, Charles Hermann, Sam Jeong, Dan Lee, En Tzu Liu, Rachel MacLean, Anthony Miceli, Malika Mouflet, Michael Neubauder, Seth Tobolsky
2011: Adam Century, Sabrina Castle, Meghan Kiesel, Don Maruyama, Mai Okimoto
2010: Lily Wong, Nina Piazza
2009: Kirsten Johnson

2019 Linen Summer Grants for Study in Asia (Apply by March 1)

The Department of Asian Studies is now accepting applications for Linen Summer Grants for Study in Asia. If you would like to undertake intensive language study or a research project in Asia this summer, you can find information and instructions if you follow the link.

The Chinese Government Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded by the China Scholarship Council (CSC) and the Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China in New York through the Department of Asian Studies at Williams College. It is a full scholarship (including tuition, medical insurance, dorm room, and a monthly stipend) that allows a student to study Chinese language or any subject area in a university in China for one academic year.

Past recipients are:

2016-17: Jae Hyun Jeong (Ding Zaixian)

2014-15: Charles Hermann (He Qi), Sam Jeong (Zheng Daxuan)
2013-14: Tyler Aveni (Wen Tairan), Jillian Stallman (Shi Lili)
2011-12: Alex Elvin, Andrew Gatewood
2010-11: Steven Cheng, Andrew Gatewood
2009-10: Wendy Li, Evan Weintraub
2008-09: Tammy Kim

Chinese Government Scholarships (Apply by Fri, noon, Feb 15)

The Chinese program in the Asian Studies Department is now accepting applications for the Chinese Government Scholarships. Application deadline is Friday, February 15 at noon. follow the link.

The Taiwan Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded by the Taiwan Ministry of Education and the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Boston (TECO) through the Department of Asian Studies at Williams College. It is awarded to graduating seniors who will study language or culture in Taiwan for up to one year after graduating from Williams.

Past recipients are:

2016-17: Sabrina Castle (Song Yuping) and Devlin Nelligan (Li Weigang)

2014-15: Thomas Engleby (An Zhongda)
2013-14: Christopher Sheahan (Shi Dafeng)
2011-12: Kirsten Johnson
2010-11: Patrick Rhine
2009-10: William Jaquiss
2008-09: Whitney Livermore
2007-08: Eliot Corley
2006-07: Jessica A. Marinaccio

Need More Information?

If you are interested in finding out more about these awards and grants, please feel free to talk to the Chinese faculty.